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Constant Success Of Bozeman Family

In order to achieve victory in the San Juan 21 sailing championship, the Bozeman family travelled all the way to north. Jeff and Bob Abelin were accompanied by their father, Terry to make to the finishing line. As per the family members, sailing competition is more like a game of chess as the boats are almost identical.

Bob Abelin is originally from Bozeman, but lives in Helena. When Bob was asked to share his tactic of playing the game, he said that he always watched the wind where it came from to figure out how strong it was. Thereafter, he knew how to get benefited out of it and used the right amount of speed so as to ensure that the wind was in his favor.

Bob said that it is important to place yourself on the start point beforehand to play wind shifts. It is the only way to get benefited. This family has mostly lived in waters throughout their lives, and even owned a Scotland yacht charter at one point. Bob and Jeff were raised by Terry, who was constantly on the water sailing on the Canyon Ferry. When Bob purchased the San Juan 21s 7 years back, their attention was turned towards it. The first title of North America was achieved during the Canyon Ferry which took place in 2010. Thereafter, the second victory was achieved in Washington in Oak Harbor.

The family has around 6 sailboats that are used for distinct purposes. The family enjoys sailing and it is more of a pastime to sail around here and there. They began racing 7 years back and it is continuing even now as it is enjoyable to visit and explore different and unknown spots for the family. With the whole family being so enthusiastic about sailing, there is no wonder that they have been winning in multiple races every year.