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Just after the two months of picking the sport's oldest trophy, Blair Tuke is planning his sights on something that no sailor achieved so far.

The sailor from Kiwi has proved his efficiency in both matches racing as well as fleet racing by winning gold in the 49er class in the Olympic, and also in the 35th America's Cup with the team Emirates New Zealand.

He is going global, and now turning all his attentions to the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR).

After joining the team of Spain MAPFRE, Tuke in an interview said, "It is a boat of different type; however the sailing principle is a lot same here. To make the boat fast, you go out, day in day out without any respite. This is the most exciting thing about this.”

One thing is certain that, from the water of azure, it will be a major departure of the Great Sound of Bermuda.

The Volvo Ocean Race pits the finest professional crews opposite each other via some of the most unwelcoming water on the planet. ...continue reading "New Target Of Blair Tuke Unprecedented Sailing Triple"

Henry Craven-Smith has listed the 36.91 meter sailing yacht Genevieve for sale.

The yacht has been kept for sale at Burgess.

It was launched in the 1996 by yard Alloy Yachts of New Zealand; it was built with a hull of aluminum and superstructure to AB standards. The exterior design of the yacht and the naval architecture were developed by designer Ed Dubois (the late British). The yacht was the property of a business person and he took the good care of the yacht for more than past ten years. It was renovated recently in the year 2017, in the renovation work, it was repainted fully and new 3Di sails.

This is an expensive yacht that has been styled traditionally by Glade Johnson. It has the accommodation capacity of nine guests. The yacht has a master suite full-beam, twin cabins, a VIP suite and double room with one fixed third bunk. It also has enough space for crew. It has space to accommodate staff of people. ...continue reading "Genevieve The Alloy Yacht Is On Sale"

The Aon Youth Sailing World Championships saw a lot of action and among the different series one was the Nacra 15 category that comprised of catamaran fleet.

This fleet comprised of 20 boats, where Michael and Cecilia Wollmann were two siblings who were competing as well. The teams of siblings were local participants in this race. Being held in Auckland in New Zealand, this championship event has been in the news all week. As of the second and third day of the races, the Wollmann siblings were able to gain good finishes. The French duo was leading while the US team was in the third position. The opening day was on Friday of last week, seeing shifty and gusty breeze blowing in off the Hauraki Gilf where the races were held. ...continue reading "Sibling Duo Compete At Auckland Series"

Have you heard of the Wirth Munroe Yacht Race? Well, we’ll see a little bit of history behind it. This race was inaugurated in 1957 by the members of the South Florida Station of the Cruising Club of America. As far as this international organization is concerned, it was established in 1921. Their race was from Miami to Palm Beach. What about the name? They named it after the well-known yacht designer.

We have to take a look at the past of Wirth Monroe as well. He definitely has sailing roots. His father, Ralph Munroe also was a yacht designer. His father was instrumental in the establishment of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. He was appointed as the Commodore of the club. He had the honor of serving that title for 22 long years. ...continue reading "SORC Has Lost Its Glory"

Women have been hitting the headlines this year in Rio Olympics. Brazil pair has been one of the latest achievers in this category. They have won gold in the 49er FX class. They were able to get ahead of the New Zealand team. The finish that they achieved to win gold can only be described as dramatic. Kahena Kunze and Martine Grael were the successful pair to land gold in this category.

Brazil had come in with a lot of expectations but this time the only gold won in sailing was with the women pair. The lead in the race had been held on by Molly Meech and Alex Maloney. The Brazilian duo was able to hold off the Kiwis and make a heady finish with a difference of two seconds. ...continue reading "Brazilian Duo Wins Gold Medal"

When you first listen to the yacht-rock trio the Middle Coast, it is very hard to believe that the band members are all less than 22 years of age. In the iconic words of Indiana Jones, you can really say that it is not about the years, it is actually about the mileage.
The Brandon-based group members – recently voted one of the top 5 local bands on the University of Winnipeg paper the Uniter’s annual Uniter Fiver list — have been playing with each other since they were teens, and they have spent quite some time of the 2015 touring coast to coast, lumbering more than seven-hundred hours on the road as well as performing upwards of hundred-fifty shows.

During that period, they also began and ended their very first full-length album.
Keyboard player Liam Duncan, now 19 years old, said that it was really busy, but it was really great. You learn very much each time you go out on the road — everything starting from the business side of music to how one is playing. They record each show they do and they listen back to it afterwards to see what they could improve. He believes, over the past year, it has been a great part of their improvement. They are making things better constantly.

...continue reading "Brandon based yacht band right there with new name"

Finally, it is here, the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation has finished the publishing of studies on its landmark research of the hydrodynamics of offshore high performance yachts. Called as Wide Light Project as a statement of the type of hull form researched, the final report was penned by Andy Claughton, the project leader, and it is now available on the website of SYRF.

...continue reading "Research Foundation project report unveiled"