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Brazilian Duo Wins Gold Medal

Women have been hitting the headlines this year in Rio Olympics. Brazil pair has been one of the latest achievers in this category. They have won gold in the 49er FX class. They were able to get ahead of the New Zealand team. The finish that they achieved to win gold can only be described as dramatic. Kahena Kunze and Martine Grael were the successful pair to land gold in this category.

Brazil had come in with a lot of expectations but this time the only gold won in sailing was with the women pair. The lead in the race had been held on by Molly Meech and Alex Maloney. The Brazilian duo was able to hold off the Kiwis and make a heady finish with a difference of two seconds.

It should come as no surprise that the pair was found rejoicing on the waters. The home crowd was delighted to have a gold medal win in this category. The duo hugged each other in delight and got off the boat into the water, capsizing the same. Grael’s father is Torben Grael who has achieved two golds among the five Olympic events he had participated in, and t one stages owned a Bareboat Charter in Trogir. The father and daughter combination with Olympic gold is now added to the list of such pairs, they are being fourth on the list.

There are other similar pairs of two consecutive generations having secured gold in the Olympics such as in hockey, equestrian sports and in wrestling. Many friends and family members of the duo jumped into the water to celebrate the moment. Many swam to the boat and lifted the craft, carrying it to the shore. Grael stated that she had envisioned a moment like that and it had actually come true which she found to be incredible.