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The meeting of WS that happens in the middle of the year, 2019 held in which Great Britain, London, Council of World Sailing, the federation key decision-making body voted on key decisions related to the Paris 2024 OSCE.

The Board of Directors of World Sailing made a recommendation to Council for the selection of RS:X as the Women’s and Men’s Windsurfer Equipment as the re-evaluation process result. The Council overruled this recommendation. This means that all Board of Directors has to present a new recommendation to the Council.

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The round of clipper of the Race of World Yacht has affirmed the eleven expert captains who will lead the groups in its twelfth release this late spring. The Skippers, who have a joined aggregate a number of events logging terms and many more with so many renowned countries including USA, Africa, Spain, etc. and convey a huge scope of experience to the jobs for the 2019-20 race

Hustling a Clipper 70 around the globe isn't an occupation for the timid. Add a non-proficient team to the blend and it's an extraordinary applicant you'd search for to assume control. “Relatively few individuals are fit for hustling and driving a group in the Round of Clipper at the race of the World Yacht,” Stated Race Clipper who is not only the Co-Founder but is also the Chairman Sir Robin Johnston Knox.
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Everyone is looking forward to the Extreme Series finale2018 that is to be held from November 29 to December 2 held in Mexico, after following a tough competition of nine months. Seven brave and exclusive teams are ready to land on to the assembly and it has to be enabled to win on the Baja peninsula on the special waters.

The competition is very tight and the leadership is too close to predict anything right now. The Danish Team for sailing (SAP) is just three points behind Swiss squad Alinghi who have already attained the peak position in the seven events of the year, they are in the contention to get the fourth title and they seem to be going very strong about it. Team Oman Air after their astonishing San Deigo Act win in October, is chasing right behind them.
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At approximately 12.00 on Wednesday, Arklow Lifeboat was launched to help a sailing vessel which had raised a request for assistance from the Irish Coastguard. The vessel called for help because of machinery failure.

The vessel and crew of four on it were travelling from Plymouth to Bangor in Northern Ireland. The crew was tasked to the sight following a help call from the vessel that had suffered failure in machinery. The vessel was requesting for help since long, but no one turned up. And the sight was seen by the Lifeboat Arklow.
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The core members of the Bella Mente Quantum Racing Association (BMQRA) will deliver a keynote presentation which is special on Saturday that is on February 3, 2018, in St. Pete Beach at the in the Sailing Leadership Forum, Florida, located at the TradeWinds Island Resorts.

In the month of October 2017, the Bella Mente Racing as well as the Quantum Racing made prominent news by making an announcement that their two highly successful racing programs of American bases were joining forces with the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) in a campaign for the upcoming 36th America’s Cup. The name of these sailors is Hap Fauth (Principal Owner), Terry Hutchinson (Skipper/Tactician), and Phil Lotz (the Commodore of the New York Yacht Club (NYYC)) will be on process to discuss their many goals for this present campaign.

This newly built team has high hopes that the cup is returning to the U.S. shores in the year 2021 as well. But importantly, Bella Mente Quantum Racing (BMQR) has aimed to go beyond just winning the competition which is the sailing’s most prestigious championship. This association is focused on structuring a deeper connection with the American sailing community (ASC), and it is creating a sense of pride for this American-based campaign, along with that it is also contributing to the rebuild the competitive sailing in the U.S and also the engaging the young sailors from the world.

Edison Sailing Center is introducing a new event for young women and girls, and they are naming it after a leader (Fort Myers-based) in sailing education. The first Doris Colgate Clinic & Cup will take place on 27th to 29th November at the sailing center, 13019 N. Cleveland Ave., North Fort Myers.

Edison Sailing Center executive director told that the program targets to train, empower and encourage women and girls to take the helm, and become comfy competitors in the world of sailing. Female sailors aged from 14 to 20 and from throughout the nation would come to Fort Myers event, resting in private homes.

They will solo sail on Lasers under the counsel of 2 popular sailing coaches. To know more about the Doris Colgate Clinic & Cup, you can go to

Offshore Sailing School’s President & CEO Doris Colgate said that she is humbled by the recognition, adding she expects the event assists them in achieving their sailing and life goals. The school is still expanding after over fifty-one years in business. Colgate is the author of Sailing: A Woman’s Guide. In fact, she has also co-written many sailing textbooks with her husband Steve Colgate, the Offshore Sailing School’s founder and chairman.

Her achievemens has included founding the Women’s Sailing Foundation, AdventureSail and National Women’s Sailing Association. The latter is a mentoring event for at-risk girls. If you want to know more regarding Offshore Sailing School’s course schedules, locations as well as other sailing programs, you can go to their site