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Have you heard of the Wirth Munroe Yacht Race? Well, we’ll see a little bit of history behind it. This race was inaugurated in 1957 by the members of the South Florida Station of the Cruising Club of America. As far as this international organization is concerned, it was established in 1921. Their race was from Miami to Palm Beach. What about the name? They named it after the well-known yacht designer.

We have to take a look at the past of Wirth Monroe as well. He definitely has sailing roots. His father, Ralph Munroe also was a yacht designer. His father was instrumental in the establishment of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club. He was appointed as the Commodore of the club. He had the honor of serving that title for 22 long years. ...continue reading "SORC Has Lost Its Glory"

Women have been hitting the headlines this year in Rio Olympics. Brazil pair has been one of the latest achievers in this category. They have won gold in the 49er FX class. They were able to get ahead of the New Zealand team. The finish that they achieved to win gold can only be described as dramatic. Kahena Kunze and Martine Grael were the successful pair to land gold in this category.

Brazil had come in with a lot of expectations but this time the only gold won in sailing was with the women pair. The lead in the race had been held on by Molly Meech and Alex Maloney. The Brazilian duo was able to hold off the Kiwis and make a heady finish with a difference of two seconds. ...continue reading "Brazilian Duo Wins Gold Medal"

In order to achieve victory in the San Juan 21 sailing championship, the Bozeman family travelled all the way to north. Jeff and Bob Abelin were accompanied by their father, Terry to make to the finishing line. As per the family members, sailing competition is more like a game of chess as the boats are almost identical.

Bob Abelin is originally from Bozeman, but lives in Helena. When Bob was asked to share his tactic of playing the game, he said that he always watched the wind where it came from to figure out how strong it was. Thereafter, he knew how to get benefited out of it and used the right amount of speed so as to ensure that the wind was in his favor. ...continue reading "Constant Success Of Bozeman Family"

Finally, it is here, the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation has finished the publishing of studies on its landmark research of the hydrodynamics of offshore high performance yachts. Called as Wide Light Project as a statement of the type of hull form researched, the final report was penned by Andy Claughton, the project leader, and it is now available on the website of SYRF.

...continue reading "Research Foundation project report unveiled"

Edison Sailing Center is introducing a new event for young women and girls, and they are naming it after a leader (Fort Myers-based) in sailing education. The first Doris Colgate Clinic & Cup will take place on 27th to 29th November at the sailing center, 13019 N. Cleveland Ave., North Fort Myers.

Edison Sailing Center executive director told that the program targets to train, empower and encourage women and girls to take the helm, and become comfy competitors in the world of sailing. Female sailors aged from 14 to 20 and from throughout the nation would come to Fort Myers event, resting in private homes.

They will solo sail on Lasers under the counsel of 2 popular sailing coaches. To know more about the Doris Colgate Clinic & Cup, you can go to

Offshore Sailing School’s President & CEO Doris Colgate said that she is humbled by the recognition, adding she expects the event assists them in achieving their sailing and life goals. The school is still expanding after over fifty-one years in business. Colgate is the author of Sailing: A Woman’s Guide. In fact, she has also co-written many sailing textbooks with her husband Steve Colgate, the Offshore Sailing School’s founder and chairman.

Her achievemens has included founding the Women’s Sailing Foundation, AdventureSail and National Women’s Sailing Association. The latter is a mentoring event for at-risk girls. If you want to know more regarding Offshore Sailing School’s course schedules, locations as well as other sailing programs, you can go to their site