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Research Foundation project report unveiled

Finally, it is here, the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation has finished the publishing of studies on its landmark research of the hydrodynamics of offshore high performance yachts. Called as Wide Light Project as a statement of the type of hull form researched, the final report was penned by Andy Claughton, the project leader, and it is now available on the website of SYRF.


The whole project report, which was funded by a UK Yacht Charter company, as well as all the date gathered by this research is now available in SYRF Technical Resources Library, which is a different type of online repository of articles, technical data and research papers related to the examination of performance sailing.

The purpose of the Wide Light study was to give insight into the exactness of living modeling methods in anticipating the performance of distinctive Wide-Light designs. It is designated for this info to better inform and fit out handicapping systems as well as box rules to deal these designs.

Started in April, last year, and finished in November 2015, this research paper hired 5 various stakeholders who fulfilled blind Computational Fluid Dynamics analyses on an identical test matrix utilizing various computational approaches and codes.

The same test matrix was operated as a tank test for both canoe body only as well as added configurations as an assurance for the hull geometry. The results of CFD were equated with the tank test control outcomes to find out CFD model accuracy. This project has offered a broad set of data against which researchers may validate and develop their own numerical tools.