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Windsurfer Wanted Paris 2024 Olympics

The meeting of WS that happens in the middle of the year, 2019 held in which Great Britain, London, Council of World Sailing, the federation key decision-making body voted on key decisions related to the Paris 2024 OSCE.

The Board of Directors of World Sailing made a recommendation to Council for the selection of RS:X as the Women’s and Men’s Windsurfer Equipment as the re-evaluation process result. The Council overruled this recommendation. This means that all Board of Directors has to present a new recommendation to the Council.

The new recommendation of Board proposed taking the sea trials of equipment it is purchasing before the Council of World Sailing. It has to be shown at the 2019 Annual Conference. The other recommendation of the board of directors includes:

  • It is important for the Council to take the sea trail of equipment before buying.
  • The present equipment (RS:X) should be included as an option for sea trials.
  • In the sea trials, the council should evaluate equipment of foiling and non-foiling equally.
  • The evaluation process should follow a fresh invitation to class associations and manufacturers for various tenders for selection.
  • The process of evaluation must be conducted by a working party who is appointed by Committees of the Equipment and Events.

World Sailing’s Council has approved this recommendation. 33 members of the council voted in the favor of the recommendation, three were against it and one was absent.

Now, the World Sailing is inviting Class Associations and manufacturers to tender to be shortlisted as Windsurfer equipment of men and women that are going to be used at Olympic Sailing Competition 2024. Information needs to be submitted by 26 July.

More information about the venue of sea trials as well as dates will be presented soon in the coming time and will council will take action on the same accordingly.