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ARKLOW RNLI Launch To Help Sailing Vessel Of 9 Meters

At approximately 12.00 on Wednesday, Arklow Lifeboat was launched to help a sailing vessel which had raised a request for assistance from the Irish Coastguard. The vessel called for help because of machinery failure.

The vessel and crew of four on it were travelling from Plymouth to Bangor in Northern Ireland. The crew was tasked to the sight following a help call from the vessel that had suffered failure in machinery. The vessel was requesting for help since long, but no one turned up. And the sight was seen by the Lifeboat Arklow.

Lifeboat Arklow proceeded to the scene and after arrival the volunteers of Arklow RNLI put a crew member aboard to help the vessel crew in establishing a towline, once safeguarded vessel was taken safely into Arklow

The crew of the Arklow RNLI for this shoot was Michael Fitzgerald, Ned Dillon, Roger Tyrrell, Trevor Conroy, Jimmy Myler and Andrew Loughlin.

After the incident, Arklow RNLI Volunteer Press Officer Mark Corcoran said, “A big thanks to our volunteers for their support and brave work. They went out for help on such a cold night. They did an extraordinary job which needs lots of praises.”

One of the crew members in rescuing vessel said,” That was quite a difficult time. The weather was cold and we faced machinery fault of ours. We tried fixing the issue on our own, as we all trained in doing that, but, we were unable to locate the issue.

When we finally realized that things are no more in our hands, we decided to take help. Then, we started making calls and finally received the assistance.”

Now, as the few days have left for Christmas, the people at the coast guard are more prepared and prompt to offer quick help.