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2018 Sailing Series Nears An End With Tough Competition On Board

Everyone is looking forward to the Extreme Series finale2018 that is to be held from November 29 to December 2 held in Mexico, after following a tough competition of nine months. Seven brave and exclusive teams are ready to land on to the assembly and it has to be enabled to win on the Baja peninsula on the special waters.

The competition is very tight and the leadership is too close to predict anything right now. The Danish Team for sailing (SAP) is just three points behind Swiss squad Alinghi who have already attained the peak position in the seven events of the year, they are in the contention to get the fourth title and they seem to be going very strong about it. Team Oman Air after their astonishing San Deigo Act win in October, is chasing right behind them.

Adjacent to Alinghi’s indifference, their Danish mates are not taking things too lightly as the team is feeling some good pressure according to their skipper. On the other hand, things are going pretty well for the squad from Oman after an upbeat year having a lot of obstacles to face, they are really ready for the victory at the Stateside.

The first and only Mexican contingent to take part in sailing series after 12 years, Team Mexico is all set to enter Cabo San Lucas. Next up following them is the Australian Squad- The sailing team of Red Bull, the captains of which will look out for British INEOS Rebels haul the secret strategies to be unveiled during the finals.

US Team Extreme that is a wildcard team, under the skipper who has been of the champion team, with his second round of the racecourse Series will also be seen coming down with the fleet.